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Our Customers

Chirinos Mobile Auto Store serves a wide range of clientele across a breadth of industries and specializations.

Whether you are the owner of a small automotive repair shop, a manager of a heavy-duty fleet of vehicles, a logistics operator for a power generation firm, or even a waste disposal company, we can help keep you in running order.

With direct-to-site delivery in industry-leading turnaround times, Chirinos Mobile Auto Store is the one-stop-shop for business owners who rely on machinery, tend to repair, or just won’t stand for any downtime. 

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Most Common Industries We Serve


Whether you’re a nationwide chain or a small repairs business looking to grow, having the latest parts and tools at your fingertips is crucial to leaving your customers satisfied.
Make Chirinos Mobile Auto Store your go-to supplier for all things automotive and give your customers a first-rate experience they won’t forget.



With car technology and construction growing more complex by the day, collisions can cause a myriad of problems for car owners and mechanics alike.

Add to this that owners are often desperate to get their vehicle back into road-worthy shape, and you’ve got a difficult project on your hands.

Chirinos Mobile Auto Store offers a vast range of replacement parts and solutions, from axel realignment to sophisticated sensor technology, to get your customers safely back on the road in record time.

Construction & Agriculture

In industries where production and progress cannot be halted at any cost, maintaining proper machinery function is absolutely imperative.

Chirinos Mobile Auto Store specializes in on-site, time-sensitive repairs to get your operation back up and running, and your project back on track.


Heavy Duty Trucks and Fleets

Owners and operators of heavy-duty vehicles face limited support when encountering maintenance and repair issues, with only specialist mechanics fit to tackle the job – until now.

Our highly trained team can provide specialty tools and services to cover a full spectrum of heavy-duty requirements. Whether you’re looking for comprehensive diagnostics report or a suspension system MOT, we’ve got you covered.


The manufacturing sector relies heavily on proper function of its machinery, both from a production standpoint and a health and safety one. 

To supercharge efficiency and safeguard your people, Chirinos Mobile Auto Store offers full-suite services for manufacturers, from standard power tool maintenance to individualized control board repairs.

Metal Cutting

From international aerospace to commercial material production, metal cutting requires the highest quality tools and operators to ensure effective, safe function. 

Whether you’re working on a long-term project or looking for a one-time service, we have a wide range of industry-leading tools and equipment to achieve the results you need.


In some of the world’s most challenging conditions, it’s not just the operators that feel the effects. Key machinery can degrade in extreme conditions and pose a threat to both safety and profitability.

Chirinos Mobile Auto Store covers a wide range of mining applications and repairs, helping you to hit your targets and break new ground.

Oil & Gas

As one of the most valuable industries worldwide, oil and gas production demands only the best when it comes to equipment, maintenance, and safety.

Chirinos Mobile Auto Store is trusted by specialists in crude and refined oil, providing the finest repair and maintenance services for both onshore and offshore applications.

Power Generation

When it’s not just profit at stake but the provision of power for thousands, if not millions of people, world-class reactive support is crucial.

Our repertoire of specialized solutions ensures a safe, swift restart for any power supply issues. Whether maintaining your current infrastructure, building a new network, or dealing with a fault, Chirinos Mobile Auto Store keeps the power flowing.

Waste Disposal Companies

Underperforming or malfunctioning waste disposal systems can cause a long list of problems, from a backlog of rapidly degrading waste to an excess of hazardous materials.

Chirinos Mobile Auto Store can help to prevent loss of revenue and environmental impacts by repairing, streamlining, and maintaining waste disposal systems.

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