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Invest in yourself. Our top notch training is your back up.

 Start the orientation at our offices in Houston or online, our team will train you on our system, how to use the products and the best business tips and ideas.


Special monthly promotions, product catalogue, support material, online orders and sales, as well as commercial strategies. 


Automotive line, heavy machinery line, oils, lubricants and cleaners, available for care and maintenance in the automotive sector with the most high quality.


Get advice and guidance from someone who’s done it before, the team is on hand to help you with any questions you may have. 

The next step: training.

For a week and up to a month, our training team will teach you and give you advise on the products and their uses.

During the training, you will learn the technical functions of each of the products and their manufacturing, we will give you a tour of our facilities and factory, so that you can obtain first-hand knowledge. After this period, you will have the confidence and control of all the products that are marketed inside the truck.

Although we think that the most important thing would be to learn about Chirinos Mobile Auto Store, because it is what will guarantee the success of your business, we also provide training on sales and commercial administration to help you with what is necessary and that you are the best owner of a Mobile Auto Store.

How much can you make?

This is a great question, and the answer will basically depend on your effort. There are risks and challenges as a Mobile Auto Store owner that in any new business could occur, however, we do our best to train you in the area and provide you with all the support you need.


This business mainly depends on what you can invest, the more effort and passion you have, the more profit you will get.


We want you to be successful, even after your formal training a coordinator will be with you to help and guide you.

Are you ready for a franchise?

Take the next step to your own success. Contact us and let us help you map the road to a better future.