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At Chirinos Mobile Fluids, we offer a wide range of fluids in order to meet the needs of vehicles or machines, your shop or industrial business. Each of them has specifications adapted to each mechanical system that requires it.

When purchasing lubricants, it is important that you know which one is ideal for your machinery or vehicle, since, depending on the type of mechanism, the power, the operation of its operations and the conditions, it will be different. Do you know how to distinguish the fluids?

We know how important the proper functioning of machinery or industrial vehicles is for your business, and that is why we invite you to continue reading and learn a little more about them.

What is the function of lubricant for my machinery?

Gear lubricants have been designed to protect and improve the performance of machines, by lubricating gears with the appropriate oil, the work or operation of the machine will maintain higher performance, avoiding damage such as corrosion, wear or overheating. .

Gear lubricants are oriented to offer their benefits to industrial work vehicles (heavy) and utility vehicles (light)
Protects the surface against friction
Mechanical equipment works at high and low speeds, so it is necessary to provide caring fluid and improve the friction of running gears.

Why is transmission oil necessary in vehicles?

To understand the importance of transmission oil, it is necessary to understand how it works. To begin with, we must inform you that the transmissions are a very elaborate system of gears that are synchronized between them and the engine, thus producing the movement of the wheels.

In this sense, how does transmission oil influence vehicles?

This type of lubricant is intended to lubricate different vehicle mechanisms, some of which are gearboxes, steering gears, transfer boxes, among others.
Facilitating work, protecting it from oxidation and cooling it during operation.

What is the difference between gear lube and transmission oil?

Transmission oil is responsible for lubricating the mechanisms that connect the engine with the working mechanisms, while gear oil is responsible for lubricating the teeth of the gears during friction.
Gear oil should keep gear teeth clean of debris generated during movement.
Transmission fluids must remain cold to prevent damage to rubber transmission components.

Many people do not give the importance that lubrication requires of machinery, resulting in mechanical failures, low performance and contrary to optimal operation. It is a high priority that those in charge of this type of vehicle or machine carry out maintenance in the required times.

We thank you for reading this far.

We hope we have provided you with relevant information on transmission oil and gear lubricant. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us, at CHIRINOS MOBILE AUTO STORE we are fascinated to advise you and accelerate your performance!